Miami Beach, FL - USA
Rattle Snake Ledge, WA - USA
Old Rickenbacker Causeway at Key Biscayne, FL - USA
Swan Lake at elevation 4039 ft. near Snoqualmie Pass, WA - USA
Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun - Mexico
l'Escalet, Ramatuelle - France
Cle Elum Lake, WA - USA
Bow, WA - USA
Alki Beach Park, Seattle, WA - USA

Korat Ozturan

Korat Ozturan

I have been working with computers since 1985. My first computer was a Commodore 64. I started to draw and design via light pen on TV screen. Commodore 64 Basic and Logo were my first programming experiences. In 1990, I met with a computer mouse for the first time with Amiga 500. After studying MIS for 4 years at IUP, I've started to work professionally in IT industry in 1998.

Although I'm platform & Operating System free, I feel more comfortable with Windows™ and Microsoft® products. Since 1998, I've designed, developed, integrated and improved hundreds of websites, projects, applications using VB.NET, C#, C++, JavaScript (DHTML, JQuery), HTML (3.2 - 5), CSS (1 - 3), Classic ASP, ColdFussion, PHP and Java for ISPs, telecom companies, online retailers, corporations and more.

I live in beautiful Seattle, WA, USA for the last 4 years. I enjoy reading (non-fiction), snowboarding, soccer, documentaries, hiking, spontaneous road trips in my spare time.

Current Projects

RaezzRaezz is a mobile app, lets users share their opinions using memes & photos and get feedback from others.
| Seattle, WA - USA

GezbulGezbul is a mobile app, helps users giving their possesions & services away for free or by selling them in their locality.
| Seattle, WA - USA

Current Work

CozyDaysCozyDays is an online retailer of outdoor living products such as patio furniture, pool floats, protective covers etc.
| Miami, FL - USA

CompamiaCompamia offers large selection of commercial and contract furniture for both indoor & outdoor applications.
| Miami, FL - USA

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